The Williams House Museum

Forest Trail Region
303 E. Front Street De Kalb, TX 75559 (903) 667-7304

The Williams House Museum is an 1885 Texas & Pacific Railroad Section House filled with memorabilia from the residents of De Kalb and the west-end of Bowie County. THe museum has been created and is staffed by volunteers. Exhibits include Dan Blocker (Hoss) of Bonanza fame; the tail section of the airplane Ricky Nelson of the Stone Canyon Band was killed in; Huddie Leadbetter (Leadbelly) "De Kalb Blues"; American League Umpire Durwood Merrill (1938-2003); Boston Red Sox's coach Rac Slider; former State Represenative Barry B. Telford; Pittsburg Pirates Luke Walker (pitched the first World Series Night Game against the Dodgers in 1971); and many others.

The Williams House Museum

303 E. Front Street De Kalb, TX 75559


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