Original Hoffbrau Steakhouse

Hill Country Trail Region
613 W. 6th Street Austin, Texas 78701 (512) 472-0822

Robert "Coleman" Hamby, along with his brother Tom, opened "The Original Hoffbrau", on August 4, 1934. Also in August of 1934 the prohibition laws that had made beer unavailable for some time were revoked. Now that beer was once again legal to sell and consume, people who could afford the nickel for a glass of beer made their way to the Hoffbrau.

The 1940s brought more prosperous times for Austin and for the Hoffbrau. During WWII, soldiers from Bergstrom came in with big appetites and big money to spend. They convinced Coleman and Tom to try steaks. The steak sales took off and The Hoffbrau has been serving them ever since.

Coleman's sons, Robert and Tom, ran the restaurant from the 1950s to the early 1990s. Today Coleman's granddaughter, Mary Gail, and her son, Zachary, operate it.

Original Hoffbrau Steakhouse

613 W. 6th Street Austin, Texas 78701