Little Graceland Museum

Tropical Trail Region
701 West Ocean Blvd. Los Fresnos, TX 78566 (956) 233-5482


Texas Elvis fans who've never had the chance to make their pilgrimage to Graceland might want to know that Los Fresnos resident Simon Vega is here to help them out. Vega has created a suitable substitute by converting his own home into a shrine to the King of Rock n' Roll. Vega isn't just a fan. He was an army pal of Elvis' when they were stationed together in Germany and assigned to the same barracks in 1958. After Elvis died, Vega began to collect the King's memorabilia, eventually creating what he likes to refer to as "Little Graceland," an Elvis museum located in the Tropical Trail town of Los Fresnos. This is the ultimate Elvis fan's chance to see rare photos and memorabilia, including a bottle of "Love Me Tender" shampoo, all displayed lovingly in cases lining the Vega home. The town appears to share Vega's enthusiasm, dedicating two days a year to the Elvis Festival, one in January and one in August to commemorate the King's birth and death. Los Fresnos knows how to put on a party and the Elvis Festivals are no exception. Live music, food and drink, Elvis look-a-like contests, an automobile show, and Little Graceland tours make for full days of festivities. And don't forget the continuous stream of Elvis impersonators. In the words of all rock n' roll royal subjects everywhere, "Long live the King!"

Little Graceland Museum

701 West Ocean Blvd. Los Fresnos, TX 78566


$1 Adult, Free (Children 12 and under)


Museum is under construction and closed until further notice.