Graham Drive-In Theater

Forts Trail Region
1519 4th Street Jacksboro Hwy Graham, TX 76450 (940) 549-8478


The Graham Drive-in Theatre, located along Fourth Street between the Pioneer Cemetery and the Graham Municipal Airport in Graham, has installed a digital projector. For Texans old enough to remember the pre-digital age at drive-in movies, a digital projector means the end of projector bulbs burning through film as the projectionist awakens from a nap (not that this happened at Graham but it is an iconic event in most movie scenes taking place at drive-ins.) Movie-goers today can watch giant dancing cartoon penguins and break-neck speed car chases with the latest Hollywood heartthrobs with uninterrupted pleasure.

The Graham Drive-in Theatre is one of few surviving outdoor movie venues in Texas today. The state once hosted the third drive-in theater in the country, a Galveston attraction that opened in July of 1934 and was part of a nation-wide trend that, by the late 1950’s, saw almost 400 drive-in movies operating in Texas. By the turn of the 20th century, however, only about six percent were still in business. Our robust car and truck culture, an enthusiasm for the big screen, and nostalgia for the mid-century modern age have kept the experience alive, fortunately, and both new and renovated theatres, like the Graham, are still showing first-run movies.

Graham Drive-In Theater

1519 4th Street Jacksboro Hwy Graham, TX 76450




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