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Peep into the scrapbooks of The Melody Maids at Beaumont’s Julie Rogers Theatre. The Eloise Milam Melody Maids Rose Room Museum chronicles the storied history of the select group of women who serenaded the military from 1942 through 1972.

Beaumont private music teacher Eloise Milam was asked to help arrange entertainment for a bond rally at the Jefferson Theater in Beaumont. She gathered a group of voice students, whom she presented as a choral group, all dressed in white, soon named The Melody Maids.

They sang for the troops at military bases and hospitals. They began to travel from coast to coast singing for organizations, but mostly they performed at military bases and military hospitals. The group made four tours of Europe, several to England, three to the Far East, seven to the far North, four to the Caribbean, five to Mexico, seven to Hawaii, and four to Bermuda, Iceland, and the Azores. The girls financed some of the tours themselves by holding bake sales, style shows and other fund-raisers. After 1956 all of the Melody Maid tours were financed by the Entertainment Branch of the Department of Defense. Of all the performers who traveled with the Entertainment Branch, the Melody Maids were teh most requested the most. from 1942 to 1972.

Eloise Milam developed a book of rules for conduct and etiquette. This book, the Melody Maid "Bible," taught them how to act when presented to royalty and the correct way to present themselves at formal affairs. Eloise Milam always said she taught the girls morals, manners, and music, in that order.

The Eloise Milam–Melody Maid Rose Room at the Julie Rogers Theater in Beaumont opened in 1990. Scrapbooks, souvenirs, photographs, and other memorabilia are housed there.

Eloise Milam Melody Maids Rose Room Museum

Julie Rogers Theatre 765 Pearl & Forsyth Beaumont, TX 77701


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