Czhilispiel Festival

Independence Trail Region
208 E. North Main Flatonia, TX 78941 (361) 865-3920


How do you spell chili in the town of Flatonia? Czhili of course. It’s the Bohemian way. Flatonia is home to a bowl full of the historical country of Bohemia (now part of the modern day Czech Republic) and German ancestry, courtesy of European settlers who arrived in the region during the second half of the 19th century. Today, the community celebrates its Czech and German heritage by hosting the Czhilispiel Festival, a three day celebration of food and live music. But don’t expect dumplings, bratwurst and polka bands. Czhilispiel organizers take their Texas heritage seriously as well. The festival hosts a chili cook-off, plenty of BBQ, a 5K fundraiser, a golf tournament, and car and truck show, a parade, and a lineup of boot-stompin’ bands. Between bowls of czhili, check out artifacts from Flatonia’s past at the E. A. Arnim Archives and Museum, located downtown. Exhibits include furnishings from traditional Flatonian homes of the late 1800’s, farming implements, an authentic covered wagon, and a curious selection of “tramp art”, a home-spun category of delicate fretwork objects like clocks and birdcages crafted from scrap wood. And after a spin around the museum collection it’ll be time for another bowl of czhili!

Czhilispiel Festival

208 E. North Main Flatonia, TX 78941


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