Old Cora - Historic Comanche County Courthouse

Forts Trail Region
101 W. Central Comanche, TX 796442 (325) 356-2655


Cora, a community that disappeared with time, served as the first county seat of Comanche before the county’s business was moved to the town of Comanche in 1859. Its courthouse, however, survived and is considered the only remaining log courthouse in the state. The vernacular style and simple materials, a construction of hand-hewn logs and single stone chimney, typifies early courthouse designs of Texas. Many of the first Texas courthouses were abandoned, demolished, or transferred to private hands once county coffers could accommodate the aspirations for a greater, grander style of courthouse. More often than not they simply caught fire and burned. But this 1856 construction, a twelve-foot by twelve-foot room with seven-foot walls, served two years as courthouse then became a private residence, at which point it was combined with another log structure to form what is known as a double pen cabin with a dog trot center hall. In 1983 the entire structure was disassembled and rebuilt on the Comanche courthouse square where it now serves as a reminder of the formative period in Comanche County’s past.

Old Cora - Historic Comanche County Courthouse

101 W. Central Comanche, TX 796442




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