Brown Ranch Hummer House

Forts Trail Region
21301 Toe Nail Trail Christoval, TX 76935 (325) 255-2254

The Brown Ranch is the summer home to Texas' largest concentration of breeding Black-chinned Hummingbirds. This unique wildlife habitat is located along the banks of the South Concho River in Christoval, 18 miles south of San Angelo. This West Texas oasis is unique for its natural beauty, it is distinguished from other wildlife habitats because of thousands of tiny hummingbird inhabitants. Visitors are encourages to enjoy this wildlife habitat by staying in one of three cottages. Each cottage offers privacy in the natural setting of live oak and pecan timber. The Brown Ranch's Observation Room will accommodate individuals, families and/or large groups. Church groups, garden clubs, and social organizations are welcome. Admission into the air conditioned Oberservation Room is by appointment only and includes a brief educational lecture. Lodging is available by reservation. Observation Room is available by appointment. All facilities are available year-round.

Brown Ranch Hummer House

21301 Toe Nail Trail Christoval, TX 76935




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