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Additional German Heritage Sites in Austin and Travis County

Many German heritage sites are spread throughout Austin and Travis County. These are some that have historical markers, including subject markers (SM), Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks (RTHL), and Historic Texas Cemeteries (HTC). The latter two are historic property designations, while the former are topical narratives about an individual, event, community, or institution.

  • Adams-Ziller House, 1306 Guadalupe St., Austin, built circa 1868, RTHL
  • Bohls House, 901 Old Hutto Road, Pflugerville, built 1913, RTHL
  • Brueggemann-Sandbo House, 200 E. 30th St., Austin, built circa 1907, RTHL
  • Dessau Cemetery, 13300 Dessau Rd., Austin, established 1874, HTC
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of Dessau, Dessau Road, Austin, established 1876, SM
  • Fortress Home, East Dessau Road, Austin, built 1850s, RTHL
  • Gerhard-Schoch House, 2212 Nueces St., Austin, built 1887, RTHL
  • Groos, Johann Jacob (1822–1878), Austin, Oakwood Cemetery, SM
  • Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, Dessau Road, Pflugerville, established 1874, SM
  • Keumpel Home, Cameron Road, Pflugerville, built 1904, RTHL
  • King-Von Rosenberg House, 1500 Lorrain, Austin, built 1916, RTHL
  • Jacob Leser House, 3506 West Ave., Austin, built circa 1864, RTHL
  • Lohmans Crossing, Lohmans Crossing Park, Lakeway, established 1867, SM
  • Ney, Elisabet (1833-1907), 304 E. 44th St., Austin, SM
  • Elisabeth Ney Home, 304 E. 44th St., Austin, built 1893, RTHL
  • Oberwetter, Peter Henry (1830-1915), Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, SM
  • Old Rock Store, 6266 Hwy. 290 West, Oak Hill, built 1898, RTHL
  • William Pfluger Home, 1510 Pfennig Lane, Pflugerville, built 1875, RTHL
  • Pflugerville, West Pecan Street, Pflugerville, SM
  • St. John Church, Cameron Road, Pflugerville, established 1878, SM
  • St. Martin’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Capitol grounds, Austin, established 1883 (no longer standing), SM
  • Schneider Flour House and Vault, 400 W. 2nd St., Austin, established 1860, SM
  • Walter Tips House, 2336 S. Congress Ave., Austin, built 1876, RTHL
  • Williams-Weigl House, 4107 Avenue H, Austin, built circa 1911, RTHL
  • The Old Zimmerman Home, 1600 Payton Gin Road, Austin, built 1861, RTHL

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